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development of cylinder head business in Guangzhou Hanker

Author:jemy Date:2013/8/9 11:20:21
Then look no further than Cylinder Head Developments in Bromsgrove. It doesn't matter whether you drive a Ford CVH, Zetec, Cosworth or RS Turbo; Vauxhall Peugeot or Kitcar. Whatever the make, model or size, we'll get you there. With customers both in the UK and worldwide, Cylinder Head Developments are leaders in cylinder head technology.

We have 30 years' experience in cylinder head development and modification and our superb in-house machining facilities enable us to personally develop cylinder heads to suit every unique application - from fast road conversion to the ultimate full race. All our cylinder heads are developed for exceptionally improved torque and typical gains of between 15 bhp and 40 bhp.

With more than 20 years of hands-on experience in designing cylinder heads and intake manifolds, we have the experience and the technology you can rely on to push your program up to the next level of performance. On a race engine, Cylinder heads are where all the power is made. Back in the “old days”, everyone used to work on cylinder heads following a “build-or-bust” methodology. You received the castings from the manufacturer, determined what the biggest valves you could fit in it were and then began hand-porting the head using the flowbench as a guide and believing that the more air it would flow, the more power it should make. After you were satisfied with your work, you’d grind the rest of the ports to match the first pair you spent so much time on. After a few pulls you might go from a Zero to a Hero… or vice-versa. Either way, it was an expensive exercise to find out that you gained a few horsepower from something you did and it was up to you to determine what exactly it was. The only way to find out was to take the heads off and try something else. After a few tests, involving the cylinder head shop, the engine builder and the guys in the dyno, you had hopefully learned something that you could apply to future cylinder head designs. Over time, you began to see trends and developed a feel for what worked and what did not. Now what happens when you change manufacturers? Now you are back at square one! You will probably be competing against other teams that have years of development time on an engine you know nothing about. The database you have compiled on your old engine might be useless, or even worse, it might lead you down the wrong path for a while. Back then, your only choice was to start the whole process all over on the new engine. Some things will work the same on the new engine as they did on the old and some things will not. Every engine is somewhat different.